RALEIGH, North Carolina.

In October 2013, Wake County voters approved an $810 million bond for new school construction and to make renovations at existing schools. The bonds will pay for the construction of 16 new schools, 6 major school renovations, and various other repairs and improvements.

The Wake County Board of Education awarded Barnhill Contacting in partnership with D.A. Everett Construction Group the Preconstruction and Construction Management at Risk for a new elementary school and new middle school in Wake County.

The elementary school is approximately $17 Million and middle school is approximately $32 Million.  Construction is anticipated to begin in 2015.

“We view public education as an essential and vital part of our society and are proud to be a part of one of the biggest school construction programs in Wake County’s history.  The public education system was the gateway for many opportunities in my own life and I am excited that D.A. Everett Construction can play a role in expanding opportunities for local students”, said Donovan Everett, President of DAECG.

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